Why do some people cry like babys wehh wehh wehh?

Answer Some people cry like babies because crying starts as a baby and continues through ones life the same way!!!!

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Why do mosquitoes like some people [like me] more than others?

It's about that time folks-- so thought I'd send out this reminder!!!! OK, mosquitoes... prepare to be repelled!!!!! Use Bounce Fabric Softener Sheet... Read More »

Why do some people not like Abercrombie.?

People have different tastes, plain and simple. And some people just feel like most people purchase the product looking to maybe fit in or look better. It's all a matter of taste and opinion.

You would like to talk to people in South Afrika that has an interest in chillies and would like to swop some seedlings or seed with you?

I have used/cooked in melmac plates/bowls most of my life... in a microwave. I use and buy melmac to this day! Can you microwave in it... yes ....I do it all the time.....BUT, I have had only 5 pie... Read More »

Why dont people like some people who are not mean and they are mean to them?

This has bullies written ALL OVER IT! GEES CANT PEOPLE JUST GET ALONG? No not all, sorry. Its just jealousy and insecurities within themselves. One day they will learn and follow the good, if you a... Read More »