Why do some people brush their teeth in the morning (before breakfast)?

Answer I dont know.. its doesnt make sense.. i only brush my teeth in the morning after i have had breakfast because i know my teeth are only going to get dirty if i brush and then eat right after

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Why do some people brush their teeth AFTER they eat breakfast in the morning?

People who do that are lazy. They could brush their teeth when they wake up and again after breakfast. I bet their breakfast would taste better to them if they did.

Do you brush your teeth first or have breakfast first?

Breakfast first, then clean your teeth after.

Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

Dentists recommend that you brush before eating your breakfast, mainly for 2 reasons. Brushing before breakfast rids your mouth of the plaque/germs that have built up during your nights sleep, and ... Read More »

Do you brush your teeth BEFORE or AFTER you breakfast?

before.if you brush only after, wouldn't you be swallowing a lot more germs...?