Why do some people bruise so easily and others not at all?

Answer Very good question, most doctors agree that the tendency to bruise easily sometimes runs in the family. Also, women bruise more easily, Easier bruising in women is because their skin is thinner and... Read More »

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Do you think beautiful people have it all easier?

Beautiful girls don't have it much easier, in fact, I would say that "ugly" girls (I believe every girl is beautiful but for outside looks this is based on) have it much easier.The reason for me sa... Read More »

Pretty People Have It Easier?

I agree with you. Attractive people have it easier than unattractive people. I think it's fine that Tyra did that. She wanted to show the world what it's full of. Pathetic people who think beauty i... Read More »

Why are some people easier to hypnotize than others?

Hypnosis is a state of mind which everyone has experienced, although many do not attribute these states as being hypnotic. That being the case, everyone is able to reach a state of hypnosis; howeve... Read More »

Did refrigerator make life easier for people?

made it easier ou cna keep food so it doesnt get rottrn easily