Why do some mothers look down on women who have had c-sections?

Answer Answer I had a c-section with my son and if I'am looked down on so be it! It saved my sons life he was breach and I feel it is a safer way to have a child. My friends son died because he got stuck ... Read More »

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In your experience, do you find that women who have c-sections do not bond as well as women who had vaginal...?

I think it depends on the mother, not the birth.I had her via c-section. They handed my daughter to me immeadiatly, they gave me a few minutes before they started closing me up. She's my world.

Why do women who have had a c-section always have to have c-sections?

Not always, there are women who tries to have a vaginal birth after their first C-section but that is also up to the doctor. When having a c-section there will be a scar and that scar can burst dur... Read More »

Mothers: how is it that so many women go through pregnancies and births like it's no big deal?

I have no idea. My mother had nine (!!) and actually LIKED being pregnant. How sick is that? None of my kids were planned, and after my first unplanned pregnancy I wanted to have a tubal ligation d... Read More »

Why do people accuse women who aren't comfortable breastfeeding of being bad mothers?

I don't think anyone on here said she'd be a bad mother. My response was that if she wants what's best, breast milk is best. Breast fed babies are healthiest. I was formula fed, and formulas don... Read More »