Why do some mothers kill their babies?

Answer Well this is really a complex question sometimes it is totally accidental and other time the mothers are just cruel and terrible. But in some cases the mother may have a mental condition that cause... Read More »

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Can the parents of a teenage pregnant daughter make the mother give up her baby or make her abort or do the young mothers have their own voice for their babies?

Answer They cannot make you do anything. You have all the say and you can choose to keep or give the baby up for adoption. Since you are still very young, you should consider giving the baby away t... Read More »

About what percentage of teen mothers keep their babies?

Just over 50 percent of teen mothers keep their babies after giving birth. About 35 percent abort their pregnancy, while 14 percent miscarry. Less than 1 percent of teen moms place their baby up fo... Read More »

Why don't single mothers give their babies up for adoption instead of keeping and neglecting them?

Well i know alot of single parents that got pregnant while single and they are wonderful mothers, on the other hand there are some single mothers that turn out to be the way you said, those people ... Read More »

Why are some mothers afraid to let their baby cry?

I do not go for criticizing other moms for their choices.I do know that I do agree with some of what you said though.I do not run to my son every single time he cries.If I know that he is fed,clean... Read More »