Why do some men want to prove that their wife or girlfriend is superior to their sister or sisters?

Answer because they might want to marry their girlfriend and i would say to make men's sister feel jealous

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Why brother would want to prove that his wife is superior to his sister while the sister don't care then why he need to make such weird and hurtful comments-comparison?

It's bad that he's being so horrible, but you can't really expect him to put you first. Maybe take up a new hobby to take your mind off things? Like grammar lessons?

Why is it that brothers act protective of sister but when they find girlfriend or wife they aren't protective of sisters anymore and don't care about sisters anymore?

It's not that they don't care, they've just found their own love to be wraped up in.

What would a sister do if her brother's girlfriend force her to remove her brother's ex-wife from her facebook account?

First ask your brother if he loves her and do the same with her. If they truly love each other they would do anything to be next to each other. So she has to accept that if she wants to be with him... Read More »

Why it is generally assumed by people and society that it is always a sister who is jealous of brother's wife but ain't the brother's wife could be a trouble maker in brother-sister relationship?

Brother Sister relationships can be distant, close or even intimate. It is common for a brother and sister to form a type of relationship similar to a courting pair, IE. boyfriend - girlfriend, wit... Read More »