Why do some kids get hyperactive after eating sugar?

Answer Sugar is simple carbohydrates in crystalline form derived from sugar cane and beets. Properly known as "sucrose," this class of sugar is common in many commercial foods such as breakfast cereals an... Read More »

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Looking for title of kids video that was about kids stepping into a dream-like land and there was an evil queen and it might have had something to do with eating berries or something that grew on tree?

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Eating too much sugar?

Too much sugar is bad for you because you will miss out on vitamins and minerals you do need. You feel full because of the sugar, but only temporarily, and you will soon want to eat more. Slow carb... Read More »

Isn't 70 way too low for blood sugar after eating?

Yes, that is way too low! Whatever else you do, have yourself checked out by a doctor! He/she will run a lot of blood tests, including an A-1-C test, which will help tell what's going on with your... Read More »

Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?

Once? Or as part of a chronic dietary pattern over months, years, decades?Diabetes is closely associated with consumption of foods high in added sugar, such as sodas. The higher the consumption, th... Read More »