Why do some kids get hyperactive after eating sugar?

Answer Sugar is simple carbohydrates in crystalline form derived from sugar cane and beets. Properly known as "sucrose," this class of sugar is common in many commercial foods such as breakfast cereals an... Read More »

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Isn't 70 way too low for blood sugar after eating?

Yes, that is way too low! Whatever else you do, have yourself checked out by a doctor! He/she will run a lot of blood tests, including an A-1-C test, which will help tell what's going on with your... Read More »

My blood sugar is low after eating dinner?

That doesn't sound right. I would start testing my blood sugar before dinner and then right after dinner as well to make sure the glucometer is actually working properly. If not, replace it. If yes... Read More »

Is a blood sugar level of 184 after eating too high?

On One Hand: Yes, If You're Not DiabeticBlood sugar rises after you eat, but the peak level should still be under 140 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) if you're not diabetic, Diabetes Action states... Read More »

Does blood sugar level go down after eating a big meal?

no there is a small surge after eating carbohydrate as it is digested to produce glucose, fructose, lactose - insulin is released as a homeostatic mechanism. Occasionally insulin can produce a rela... Read More »