Why do some houses need to have sump pumps?

Answer Houses with basements that flood regularly need sump pumps. A sump pump removes water from a pit in the floor of the basement and pumps it outside through a plastic pipe buried in the yard.Causes o... Read More »

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Do sump pumps need to be oiled?

An electric sump pump can be cooled through the use of air or oil, but the working parts of the pump do not need to be oiled to stay lubricated.Source:State Farm: Sump Pumps

How to Fix Sump Pumps?

The most common problem with sump pumps is that they don't turn on when they are full. This is caused by a problem with the float inside the sump pump. The float rises as the sump pump fills with w... Read More »

Do sump pumps work?

On One Hand: Sump Pumps Usually WorkSump pumps are used to remove water from flooded areas such as basements, storm drains and wells. There are two main types of sump pumps, pedestal and submersib... Read More »

Who makes Pit Viper sump pumps?

Pit Viper Pumps located in Bergen, N.Y., is the manufacturer for Pit Viper sump pumps. It is one of the industry's leading brands of pumps for wastewater and groundwater removal. These pumps are av... Read More »