Why do some horses eat other horses manure?

Answer Manure is just processed grass or hay. Horses will do this for a few reasons. They are bored, hungry, need some sort of mineral and are trying to satisfy the need. It may just smell appetizing to t... Read More »

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Are horses finicky about chicken manure and hay?

On One Hand: Horses May Avoid Chicken Manure SmellHorses choose food for smell, taste and texture, so if feed comes into contact with chicken manure and its taste or smell is affected, horses may b... Read More »

How to Collect Breyer Horses or Other Model Horses?

A Breyer Classic MustangThis is how to start collecting Breyer or any kind of model horse.This article features How to display and how to keep them in good condition.

Does glue actually contain horses?

A hundred years ago, yes. It is made out of connective tissue. Elmer's was accused of it recently.

I have 3 trojan horses can you help?

if the virus removers arent able to remove them then write down where the programs are located at on the hard drive and reboot into safe mode and go in manually and delete the files yourself. once... Read More »