Why do some girls sometimes put song lyrics as captions on facebook pictures?

Answer Because the girls want to look like they have a personality and they're interesting when really they're so very boring that they strive to make themselves feel good and interesting and 'deep' by go... Read More »

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What are some good ideas for Facebook photo captions?

go to and find one that you like!

Why do girls sometimes decline my Facebook friend request?

It depends on their reasons; not all girls have same reasons (e.g. hate boys (not to say that on Facebook), don't remember people in any places, etc.) as others do.Don't worry about that. If they ... Read More »

I have some song lyrics?

The band is Canadian, out of Vancouver. Their debut EP releases June 4. This is the title song that you heard.Said The Whale - I Love You…

How to show captions under pictures on tumblr theme?

The '{block:PermalinkPage}' and '{/block:PermalinkPage}' statements that surround the '{block:Caption} {Caption} {/block:Caption}' sequence cause the caption to be shown only on the permalink page.... Read More »