Why do some girls and guys make fun of heavy set people ?

Answer because they think its funny that the people are over weight and they are fortunate to not be fat, and try to make themselves feel better by t putting down other people.

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Are some guys mean to girls they like?

On One Hand: Yes, Some AreAccording to the BBC, some men are men to women they have feelings for in an attempt to look cool. Some men feel like being nice shows too much vulnerability, and that wom... Read More »

Girls/Guys..what are some of the dumbest questions the opposite sex has asked you?

A girl once asked me what it's like to have a penis. My answer was, "I don't know. What's it like to have a vagina?" That wasn't dumb, just sufficiently awkward. It's hard to answer "What's it like... Read More »

Do you girls wear light or heavy make up ?

I have some freckles I cover up so light plus crimson lipstick on my lips to suck....

Guys: what are some fashions that you hate that girls wear?

My guy friend sent me an email. I'll paste it:"Shannon, seriously, girls are becoming ridiculous. My sister went to the beach with her friends and wore JEANS. WHo wears JEANS to the beach?! And the... Read More »