Why do some girls always talk trash about models or pretty girls?

Answer Obviously Jealously?People like that need to go play in traffic

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Do guys talk differently to pretty girls?

If you are looking at a boy you find unattractive, would you be as friendly and open? Of course not. If you are, they might think you are interested in them. Further, if you find someone or some... Read More »

What's the difference between hot girls and pretty girls?

Hm... Well, both are a very good thing! Pretty is more of a classy, put-together attractiveness. Hotness is when you look at her and just want to.. yeeah. It's much more of a physical reaction w... Read More »

Girls: when you wear a skirt, pretty bra or underwear, lacy top, or pretty makeup, is it because...?

Do you think this girls pretty?

yea but her face is too hard looking. she would be prettier if she smiled