Why do some get tipped and others don't?

Answer A lot of times servers end up making much more then people who get paid minimum wage, or slightly higher salaries, due to tips. I remember when I cooked in a restaurant the servers would generally ... Read More »

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Should i have tipped this waitress?

IMHO, you could have handled it better. You had her take it back the first time, which is good. When she brought you the creamy Italian, you should have said right there that you do not want the ... Read More »

How much should a cleaning lady be tipped?

Determining the amount to tip a cleaning lady involves assessing the quantity and type of work she does. If you want to tip a hotel housekeeper, leave two to five dollars per night of your stay. If... Read More »

How to Use a White Tipped Cane?

Whether you are visually impaired, blind, just getting to know someone who is blind/visually impaired, or you need to play the role of a blind person in a play/other show, (e.g., Helen Keller in Th... Read More »

How to Stand Up a Tipped Over Motorcycle?

When your motorcycle falls over or you lay the bike down while riding, you will need to know the proper way to stand the bike back up to avoid further damage to the bike. Because motorcycles are he... Read More »