Why do some cooking pots have wooden handles?

Answer By nature of their function, pots and pans are in constant contact with heat when in use. Materials that are poor conductors of heat, such as wood, are sometimes used to form pot handles in order t... Read More »

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Why do you need to use plastic handles with pots?

Answer becose or else you could burn your hands piking up the handle

How do i season cooking pots&pans?

Clean the panScrub the pan in hot soapy water. Fante's, a cookware retailer, recommends drying it thoroughly by placing it over a burner on the stove. Let the pan cool completely before continuing ... Read More »

About Safe Cooking Pots?

While there are plenty of options in the cookware section of many kitchen stores, not all of them may be safe to use. Although the risk level is low, there are several types of pots made of materi... Read More »

Mexican Cooking in Earthenware Pots?

Mexican soups, stews and beans are traditionally cooked in earthenware pots. The cazuela is a pot that flares out along the rim and has a handle on each side. The olla is taller and narrower than a... Read More »