Why do some bars make you have an updated license to get in?

Answer Bars are free to set their own policies. Most bars want to see the 'over 21' license to cover their butts.EDIT: @ Richard: Yeah, I know, you have a very dim view of the US drinking age, but not all... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Updated Outhouse?

If you have the privilege of using the Internet to read about building an outhouse, then you probably want one for the aesthetics and not because you need an outdoor privy to take care of business.... Read More »

How do you make a self-updated android go back to original O.S?

i have one and yes it doe shoot videos, it shoots it in black and whit negative and a bunch of different color effects.

If I get AT&T Wireless, I hear they give you more bars in more places. Do the extra bars have drink specials?

They have ladies night on Thursdays (call 1-900-for info)Karaoke on Fridays (must have mp3 on phone to play)No roaming charges for bar hoppingand Wednesday night "anytime is happy hour time" minutes.

How do you make all the tool bars disappear, to make your screen larger?

View tabtoolbars and uncheck the ones you dont want,you can also go view and full screen