Why do so many schools/teachers ban the use of Wikipedia?

Answer A lot of what you're supposed to learn in school is how to find information. Professors aren't stupid, they know you can just type something in to google and find some random information.What they... Read More »

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Why do so many Wikipedia admins assume that all critics of Wikipedia are "banned former users"?

Because it's the easiest way to discredit critics. Wikipedians are lazy like that.It's like someone gets kicked out of the Army and then they start criticizing the military every chance they get. W... Read More »

How many of you people use Wikipedia?

Wikipedia portals - how many and ...?

Wikipedia's Portals:-General reference-Culture and the arts-Geography and places-Health and fitness-History and events-Mathematics and logic-Natural and physical sciences-People and self-Philosophy... Read More »

How many Wikipedia admins are there?

There are 1,468 total admins on the English Wikipedia. Out of all of them, 698 are active.