Why do so many regard me with contempt when I put ketchup on steak?

Answer If you are going to pay that much money for a steak you should want to taste the steak, not the ketchup. Reserve ketchup for steaks that don't have a good flavor.Steak sauce and ketchup cover the ... Read More »

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What do you do when the courts put all contempt charges in a folder and said it will be dealt with later and you don't have an attorney and how do you get to see your kids?

Answer It is not unusual for the court to set aside case issues to be ruled on at a future time. There may not be enough evidence for the charge or allegation to be acted on, or the law is not clea... Read More »

Hot sauce BBQ Sauce Or Ketchup Which do you like putting on your steak?

Good Morning to you Scooter! Most of the time i like BBQ Sauce! Once in a while i fire it up with a little Hot Sauce!

How to Deal With Ignorance with Regard to Atheism?

If you are atheist, it can be difficult to deal with the proportion of theists who may be intolerant and most often ignorant of the intricacies of your position. Often, wild assumptions and keenly ... Read More »

Internet Responsibility with Regard to Plagiarism?

When using the Internet for any research, plagiarism is a potential problem. The Internet has made information easy to obtain and made accidental plagiarism a possibility. The website Online Educat... Read More »