Why do so many pro-veg organizations support mass consumption of soy products?

Answer Organizations like PETA are not concerned with your health but rather the salvation of the animals that would otherwise be consumed. Obviously all sorts of beans provide a better and more complete... Read More »

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Can electricity be generated from the friction of train wheels & tracks for mass consumption.?

Not from friction but by using the wheels and the rotational force to generate electricity to slow down.This is "regenerative or dynamic" braking and it turns the large motors driving the locomotiv... Read More »

Organizations That Help Men With Child Support Problems?

After a child's parents separate, the child might live with one parent -- known as the "custodial parent" -- full-time, or with each parent half-time. When the mother is the custodial parent, the f... Read More »

Which support organizations are located at tyndall afb Florida?

Does outlook support mass mailings or broadcasting?

You can add multiple addresses to your BCC field and send messages out to multiple users in Microsoft Outlook. However, your message could be flagged as spam and not received by the recipient.Sourc... Read More »