Why do so many people use Windows Vista or XP and refuse to try Linux?

Answer Hello;First things first -- if you buy a new computer then the chances are it will have MS Windows already installed. When you go to school the computer that you learn on is most often a MS Window... Read More »

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Can I replace Windows Vista with Linux?

On a technical level, you can certainly replace Windows Vista with Linux. However, according to APC Magazine, Linux has problems encoding MP3s and you may find a lack of support for certain pieces ... Read More »

Ubuntu Linux or Windows Vista Can't decide!?

Not to be rude but it looks like you don't have the computer knowledge to use Ubuntu. I would stick with vista. it would be more suitable for your needs.

How Can I Set Up a Linux Computer to Share a Printer With a Windows Vista Machine?

A home computer network is becoming as common as a refrigerator or microwave oven. It's also becoming common for home networks to span multiple platforms or computer operating systems, such as Linu... Read More »

Why most people prefer windows xp to linux?

Windows is a product that has designed, redesigned, supported, sold, and advocated by a single company, Microsoft. The Windows product family has been around for many years now (since the mid 1980... Read More »