Why do so many people trust wikipedia?

Answer I have identified three major reasons, although it is possible there are others as well:1. Laziness. These people don't want to be bothered with cross-referencing or having to collect information a... Read More »

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Why do people trust Wikipedia so much?

Of course Wikipedia is prone to error, often malicious error, and other times simply bone-headed editing and reverting over a point that is simply not clearly known. I'm going to give you three exa... Read More »

Can I trust Wikipedia?

I think it's pretty reliable. Nothing in the world is perfect, so I think Wikipedia is reliable when compared to other sources of information. Also, there are always informative links on the bottom... Read More »

Should i trust

It is true that Wikipedia provides false information. It is also true that it provides true information. It also provides true information but presented in such a way that is confusing to understan... Read More »

Can we trust what Wikipedia says?

It's ok for little things that you were just curious about, but don't use it for anything for school. The thing about Wikipedia is that anyone can post any information on it, so it could be complet... Read More »