Why do so many people trust wikipedia?

Answer I have identified three major reasons, although it is possible there are others as well:1. Laziness. These people don't want to be bothered with cross-referencing or having to collect information a... Read More »

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Why do people trust Wikipedia so much?

Of course Wikipedia is prone to error, often malicious error, and other times simply bone-headed editing and reverting over a point that is simply not clearly known. I'm going to give you three exa... Read More »

How many people do you *really* trust?

I only trust 6 people.My momMy dadMy step-momMy grandma (on my mom's side)My best friend, AlexMy cousin, TaviaI have a sister but I wouldn't trust her with my life o_obtw: Miley Cyrus should die. I... Read More »

My cellphone was stolen right out of my house (yeah i know i trust too many people)?

Report the theft to the police, who will retrieve the call records from the network.

How many of you people use Wikipedia?