Why do so many people think massage therapists are prostitutes?

Answer This happens because a lot of prostitutes claim to be giving out massages. The people around you seem whoa fully ignorant about what an actual licensed massage therapist does. Have you thought of c... Read More »

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Supplies for Massage Therapists?

Massage therapists have many options for running their businesses. Some prefer to work exclusively at a spa, others set up a home-based office, and some prefer to travel to the client. Decisions ab... Read More »

Are massage therapists tax deductible?

On One Hand: If You Have a PrescriptionThe services of a massage therapist are a tax deduction if you have a doctor's prescription. With a prescription, the government considers massage a tax deduc... Read More »

How much can massage therapists make?

In 2008, massage therapists in the United States earned from $8 to more than $33 per hour, depending on their experience and position. On average that year, massage therapists earned $19.16 per hou... Read More »

Are medical massage therapists needed?

On One Hand: They Are Needed.Medical massage therapists are needed. They assist doctors in healing ailing patients who need massage therapy for medical treatment. They treat the specific conditions... Read More »