Why do so many people think marijuana is evil?

Answer Because it is illegal... Simple as that... In Amsterdam it's not looked at as evil... Why? Smokers aren't considered to be criminals. I know sounds dumb. It's how governments brainwash it's countri... Read More »

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Why are short people so evil?

Congratulations for offending me.I'm 4'2, 14 yrs old and super nice.Everyone loves me.I'm really friendly.Just, watch yourself next time before you try and catergorize people just from some mere ob... Read More »

Why do some people say marijuana is bad?

It actually started with a lie. Have you ever heard of "reefer madness" and the whole situation regarding it? People bought it hook, line, and sinker and ever since we have been dealing with viciou... Read More »

Is marijuana really that damaging as people say?

actually, it'll make a hippy idiot out of youand you may grow breastsand your ambition level will all but disappear and never recover even when you stopand all the other respondents here are no dou... Read More »

Why do people call marijuana "pot"?

Answer: The nickname Pot comes from the Spanish word Potiguaya, which means Marijuana Leaves. It’s a Mexican-Spanish word that is a contraction of potación de guaya, which referred to an alcohol... Read More »