Why do so many people slag off Vista ?

Answer There is a very simple answer to your question that everyone above ^ seems to not want to acknowledge...Vista is a great operating system, that works smoothly, effortlessly and stabily with NEW com... Read More »

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Why do so many people hate Windows Vista?

I'll attempt to keep the answer relatively brief.1. Resources to get similar speed. Performance.XP runs exceptionally well with 2G of RAM. It's quite capable of running fairly well with any amou... Read More »

Wy are so many people downgrading from vista to xp?

I have noticed that almost all of the earlier windows software programs, such as games, etc. Will not work with VISTA because they say they are not compatible. Another way of making money on micros... Read More »

Why do so many people use Windows Vista or XP and refuse to try Linux?

Hello;First things first -- if you buy a new computer then the chances are it will have MS Windows already installed. When you go to school the computer that you learn on is most often a MS Window... Read More »

How to Make Slag Glass?

Making small amounts of slag glass at home is a very time consuming project but worth the final product. A cast iron skillet and small grained silica sand or iron ore powder is required to make the... Read More »