Why do so many people like gangnam style?

Answer It's new, interesting, and different. It provides a rather refreshing, energetic and comedic change from the typical music manufactured by generic female pop stars and Justin Bieber.Also, eeeeeeh s... Read More »

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What do you like more: Gentleman or Gangnam style?

Do you like Gangnam style or Gentleman better?

I like Gentleman song more. Gangnam style video more. But i still feel indifferent for psy.

Psy gangnam style or Gentleman?


What kind of makeup do I wear to have Gangnam Style?

Thick eyeliner with neon coloured eyeshadow... the shadow patch should be 'smaller' than usual (think of it like a bigger eyeliner) to imitate asian eyes and sleekness. If you don't like neon, try ... Read More »