Why do people love Raymond but hate Chris?

Answer because Chris is a PITA, lol.

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I love (MANY) songs. I hate paying for them. I heard of limewire ?

I love many songs to but I also believe that the ARTIST deserves to be paid for their efforts.How would you like to work a day job and NEVER get paid for your hard work? Would that suck?Is .99c a t... Read More »

How many people hate SGU?

Santino Marella is an Italian-Canadian wrestler who currently holds the US championship.

Why do so many people hate Macs?

Let me speak to your points first...1. Yes they are expensive but for double the price of a PC you get four times the features on a MacWhat features?2. Macs run Microsoft Office 2008Let me know whe... Read More »

Why do so many people hate Microsoft?

People hate microsoft because there the biggest brand out there and no one is able to come close to matching the performance and operability of them.