Why do so many people dislike Chiropractors?

Answer Its not that many people dislike chiropractors, its the problem that many people truly do not understand what it is that we do exactly. Chiropractors are specialists in treating disorders that inv... Read More »

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How to Put Up With People You Dislike?

In life, we all have to occasionally do things that we do not want to do, and we often do not have any say in it. One of these things is dealing with people that we, simply put, dislike wholehearte... Read More »

Why do people dislike Vista so much?

Probably because they have cheap and / or old hardware and don't know how to tweak the operating system to make it run the way they like. My Specs: Dual Intel Core 2 Extreme Quads QX6850's, 2 nVidi... Read More »

How to Avoid People You Dislike?

This article is equipped to give you information on how to avoid people you don't like without being too rude.

Why do so many people dislike the iPhone?

My Dash can do just about everything the iPhone can. So can my girlfriend's MDA. Notice the just about. Sure the Dash doesn't have visual voicemail, or touchscreen(the MDA has a touchscreen), bu... Read More »