Why do so many people argue on youtube?

Answer Sadly, for the most part, most of the comments on youtube are just people arguing. Some people are cowards and insult others throug the internet to feel tough which is pathetic. I also have to be c... Read More »

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Why do people argue so much on youtube:)?

Hi from France ♫It's because many people have unconscious angers and they ' throw ' them across some posts in the forums and /or Youtube.. Moreover in these websites they are anonymous, isn't it ... Read More »

Why are there so many ugly people on youtube?

Its a family website and your female relatives are clogging it.

How many people on here have a youtube account? anyone would sub it would make my day. Seriously :)

Do many people watch videos about wrestling on Youtube?

I dont think wrestling is an interesting subject. The more famous people on youtube do Vlogs about where they've been all that stuff, gaming and acting kinda, I do Gaming and I've done ok so far, I... Read More »