Why do so many foods have corn syrup in them?

Answer As many have already said it is cheap and easy for the manufacturers and therefore leads to a higher profit margin for them; and as we know, when it comes to business in America it's all about the ... Read More »

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What Kinds of Foods Have Corn Syrup?

While corn syrup is used in some foods as a thickener, sweetener and humectant, is is its high fructose relative that is most prevalent on ingredient lists. High fructose corn syrup is an inexpensi... Read More »

Is Corn Syrup considered "natural" (corn syrup, not high fructose corn syrup)?

There is no definition of "natural" as recognized by the FDA/USDA. It is a catch-all marketing term for everything from the most processed foods to the most basic foods. Food manufacturers use it t... Read More »

Does high fructose corn syrup have a different glycemic index from crystalline fructose from corn?

To answer your question specifically, I think fructose is fructose no matter where it comes from. So, the answer would be 19. As long as it is pure fructose, the GI should be the same. This is one ... Read More »

Why does corn syrup have high viscosity?

Corn syrup is very dense and sticky, so it flows very slowly, meaning that its viscosity is high. Viscosity is measured in centipoises, and the measure of corn syrup is between 2,000 and 3,000 cent... Read More »