Why do so-called fans do this to their "favorite" artists?

Answer Hi Ms King. I do my best to speak up for the artists, but it seems to be a losing battle on here. Haven't heard from you in a while. I'd appreciate a comment on the Hortense page.Certainly surpr... Read More »

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Who are your favorite tattoo artists?

My tattoo artist, Jose :)Everyone from INKSTOP in NYC. They are freakin amazing. That's where I go for mine.Zach, go to tattoo is on his page. It's a dragon head. :) The other horn got c... Read More »

What is your favorite MCR album FANS ONLY?

revenge is my favourite, but tehy're all really amazingMy fave song is Hang 'em High. ^.^ I luv that song.I listen to Revenge pretty much every day, and it still hasn't gotten old.

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What are Stargate SG-1 fans called?

Stargate fans are referred to as Gaters. Alternative terms also used by fans are Gateheads, Gaties, and Gate fans.