Why do smoke detectors have radiation?

Answer Smoke detector designs make clever use of a tiny amount of radioactive material. It makes air surrounding it electrically conductive. When the air becomes smoky, the conductivity changes, setting o... Read More »

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Why are my smoke detectors going off?

If there are 9v batteries in them, try changing them. Insects can also cause problems with smoke detectors.

Who invented smoke detectors?

Francis Robbins Upton and Fernando J. Dibble invented the first automatic electric fire alarm in 1890. In 1967, Duane D. Pearsall invented the first affordable smoke detectors that could be used i... Read More »

Do smoke detectors wear out?

According to the United States Fire Administration, most current smoke detectors have a life expectancy on average of 8 to 10 years, and a new unit should be installed soon after the old one expire... Read More »

How many smoke detectors are required by law?

How many smoke detectors you need for your home depends on your individual state and local laws. Most state laws require at least one smoke detector per residence; most also mandate one smoke detec... Read More »