Why do smoke detectors have radiation?

Answer Smoke detector designs make clever use of a tiny amount of radioactive material. It makes air surrounding it electrically conductive. When the air becomes smoky, the conductivity changes, setting o... Read More »

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Do all smoke detectors have battery backup?

Not all smoke alarms have battery backups. Battery-powered smoke alarms do not have backup batteries. They will often provide a warning when the battery is dying. Hard-wired smoke alarms do have ba... Read More »

Do hardwired smoke detectors have batteries?

You can purchase hardwired smoke detectors with or without battery backup. Battery backup is a safer option, because it provides protection even in the event of a power outage. The U.S. Fire Admini... Read More »

Why do people need to have smoke detectors?

Fire officials and fire departments agree that smoke detectors save lives. Since most fatal fires occur when people are asleep, a smoke alarm is the best means of being alerted to evacuate.HistoryS... Read More »

Do hard-wired smoke detectors have batteries?

Hard-wired smoke alarms come with back-up batteries that should be tested at least once per year. Many states now require hard-wired smoke alarms in all new construction. Back-up batteries in hard-... Read More »