Why do small children clench their fists while sleeping?

Answer Parents want to see a happily sleeping baby when checking on their newborn; coming across a baby with balled up fists may seem troubling. However, tightly clenched fists are usually of no concern.T... Read More »

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What was the name of the special that John Ritter did with his first wife when their children were small about how children take what adults say literally and how that plays out in their young minds?

I think the programme is The Secret World of the Very Young.If you take a look on the IMDB website you will find it on there

What do you do when your small children visit their father who stays at his daughter's and they see the adults there pick up their 4-year-old son by the front of his shirt and curse and call him names?

Answer You have the right to protect your children, legally if need be, from witnessing abusive incidents during their visitations with their dad. Contact your local Child Welfare center or Dept... Read More »

What makes people CLENCH their teeth and how come I do it on a daily basis!?

Anxiety. I do it, too. I have to get a night guard. I actually bruise my teeth from that and grinding. If your often stressed and anxious, you may have an anxiety disorder. When I was younger, I wo... Read More »

What is the legal age in Tennessee to leave children alone while their parents are out of state?