Why do siblings in a given family look similar yet are all different?

Answer Seeing the question without details your a female with a lot or a few of female friends and your little brother is in love with all of them. Well; don't be alarmed he is way to young to know whats ... Read More »

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Why do people look different from there parents and siblings?

You better check with her. Pregnant women can safely have sex unless there is some problem, but hormones can make women a little touchy, so, it may not be safe for you. Really though, it may be goo... Read More »

Do plants grow at different rates when given different plant food?

There is strong evidence that using some form of fertilizer (plant food) will spur the growth of plants. There is no evidence that a certain brand or type of plant food will cause plants to grow fa... Read More »

What is meant by siblings given in the application form?

siblings means brothers and sisters. It appears the application form is inquiring about how many siblings (brothers and sisters) you have.

How are the iPhone 4S similar and different to other phones?

Yes, Siri is. Well, at least the makers have. There are some very cool YouTube videos about Siri!