Why do shrooms make you halucinate?

Answer Psybicilin is the psychoactive compound in mushrooms

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Does throwing up on shrooms make your trip stop?

no, with psychedelics you need to wait longer before taking them again or eat more. But a week should be fine to kill your tolerance. I assume puking would affect the trip since its out of your sy... Read More »

Do you eat or smoke shrooms?

UM What are SHROOMS?

Shrooms are hallucinogenic mushrooms contain psilcybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. Shrooms are incredible and nearly non-toxic too. By incredible I mean it can be the best experience of your life or... Read More »

Have you tripped on shrooms?

Typically when I am taking a hike in the woods and I come across a mushroom they are usually soft. If my hiking boot hits one, it typically will break and fall to pieces. I've never actually trip... Read More »