Why do sewing machine needles break?

Answer Sewing machines are an indispensable tool for people who love to sew and create garments. However, breaking sewing machine needles can be quite an annoyance. Proper use and care of the machine can ... Read More »

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What sewing machine needles to use on pet screens?

Regular sewing machine needles can be used to sew pet screen, a flexible mesh coated with plastic. It is available in many colors, is often used to make warm weather totes or bags and is easy to se... Read More »

Are all sewing machine needles interchangeable?

Except for in some antique sewing machines, sewing machine needles are universally interchangeable within all sewing machines. If the bobbin is at the front of the machine, the flat side of the nee... Read More »

Do I have to use White F.R. needles on my White Rotary sewing machine?

Take the existing needles to a sewing machine repair shop and ask what needle system they are. Or ask on the Treadleon mail list… or the WeFixIt yahoo gr... Read More »

Can you use hand sewing needles on sewing machines?

You cannot use hand sewing needles on sewing machines. Sewing machine needle eyes are in the pointed end while hand sewing needle eyes are in the blunt end. Also, hand needles have a consistent dia... Read More »