Why do seeds which grow near parent plants not do well?

Answer Seeds that grow near their parent plants compete with them for light, water, and nutrients. Since the parent plants are older and therefore have a more well developed root system, and a larger leaf... Read More »

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What is the name of parent plants dispersing seeds?

When an adult plant spreads seeds outward by any process, this is called seed dispersal. Most seeds are spread far from the adult plant to minimize competition for growth. There are some exceptions... Read More »

Do all plants need seeds to grow?

Seeds are just one means of growing a new plant, for there are times, when a flowering plants can reproduce without seeds. Sometimes a plant will reproduce from underground runners, which will brea... Read More »

How do seeds grow into plants?

seeds should first form roots then they grow stems and then the grow leaves and after that they sprout shoots then they grow bigger then they become a plant.

Seeds That Grow Thorny Plants?

Thorny plants abound in nature and in gardens. They may be trees, shrubs, flowers or weeds. Thorns serve several purposes in nature. They are a defensive mechanism to keep animals from grazing on t... Read More »