Why do seeds need the sun to grow?

Answer The vast majority of seeds do not need any sunlight to germinate, except that the sun provides the heat needed to warm the soil. As seedlings grow they use up the stored energy with in the seed. Th... Read More »

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Do all plants need seeds to grow?

Seeds are just one means of growing a new plant, for there are times, when a flowering plants can reproduce without seeds. Sometimes a plant will reproduce from underground runners, which will brea... Read More »

What do pumpkin seeds need to grow?

Pumpkins are a popular decoration in the fall and during Halloween, whether they are just set out or are made into jack o' lanterns first. But pumpkins are also great sources of nutrition, providin... Read More »

What do onion seeds need to grow?

Growing onions from seed requires some amount of care in setting up the garden. However, onions plants can yield a great deal of onions once they mature.SoilOnions need to grow in well-irrigated, m... Read More »

What type of light do radish seeds need to grow?

Radishes and other root crops need about six hours of direct sunlight or an equivalent form of artificial light to flourish. They require an ample amount of moisture as well, and do not do well in ... Read More »