Which CPR course is required for scuba divers?

Answer To be a certified scuba diver, a person must complete the CPR for the Professional Rescuer version of CPR. This includes both one- and two-person CPR knowledge. The CPR for the Professional Rescuer... Read More »

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How to Scuba Dive off a Small Boat?

SCUBA Diving off a small boat can be a difficult endeavor. You must work as a team, and ensure that you are keeping very organized. If you follow the directions below, you will find it easier and s... Read More »

What are traditional tattoos for navy divers?

The "traditional" tattoo for U.S. Navy deep sea divers is the age old U.S. Navy Mark V (MOD 1) deep sea diving helmet. The tattoo is normally worn on the lower leg. This helmet is also the the rati... Read More »

How to Remove a Boat from a Trailer with a Portable Boat Lift?

Lift, add stands, removeHow to Remove a Boat from a Trailer? This is an inherently arduous and dangerous task and should not be attempted without thorough knowledge of the tools needed and the mech... Read More »

Do you have to register a boat trailer& boat that weigh less than 1,800 pounds in Oregon?

Boats must be titled and registered with the Oregon State Marine Board. If the combined weight of the boat and the trailer does not exceed 1,800 pounds, registration of the trailer with the Oregon ... Read More »