Why do schools use microscopes?

Answer Schools use microscopes for a wide variety of reasons. Microscopes are a great tool for science classes, which use them to teach a number of lessons on the scientific process and specific types of ... Read More »

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What Are LM Microscopes?

Microscopes are instruments that allow you to magnify objects that you cannot physically see or small things that you would like to view more closely. Light microscopes--or LM--are a specific type ... Read More »

How many different microscopes are there?

Microscopes are used to magnify and study objects/materials that are too small to examine with the naked eye. There are six different types of microscopes: optical, compound, digital, fluorescence,... Read More »

When were microscopes discovered?

In about 1597, two Dutch eyeglass makers--Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans--discovered a method for making the first compound microscope. They were experimenting with lenses in a tube when they ... Read More »

Why are microscopes important?

Microscopes are important because they allow doctors and scientists to see and examine organisms and objects too small to study with the naked eye. Microscopes are instrumental in identifying new d... Read More »