Why do schools list Wikipedia as a bad source?

Answer The problem is there is NO CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY for accuracy. Anyone can write anything at any time, with no consequence for inaccurate information. Sure, SOME things might be accurate, but ther... Read More »

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Is wikipedia a bad source?

i use it all the time and it is just peoples views from what they may have read elsewhere so i always back it up by looking for the information on other websites too, because in some research ive d... Read More »

Wikipedia: a valid source?

Not outraged at all. Search engines should off work off relevance, popularity, and how recent an article is. Wikipedia articles meet those criteria quite well.What do you mean by "valid"? If valid ... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a trustworthy source ?

While the academic world continues the ongoing debate on whether Wikipedia is a reliable reference tool, the History Department at Middlebury College made a decision this past January to ban studen... Read More »

Is it ok to use wikipedia as my source for my thesis?……Wikipedia is your quick overview of a given topic, and an ok starting point for further research. It is not a r... Read More »