Why do sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them for you?

Answer first, they are called sammichesand B. because you are lazy? ;)

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What are some ways to make bananas taste better for someone who wants more of them in his diet?

The primary nutrients in bananas are protein and potassium. I'm sure you have your favored sources of protein-here are some potassium rich foods:dried fruits-raisins, prunes apricotsfresh fruits-st... Read More »

Why do you keep having the Dr Phil family on Monday I think someone else would be better than them?

She was raped by her uncle,cousin and family friend.she survived but lived with her grandmother.her grandmother use to hit her with a switch when she disobeied her grandmother orders and misbehaved... Read More »

Survey...Does food taste better when someone cooks it for you?

Because it is made with "LOVE" for! It smells great when it is being prepared, and it is SO appreciated....Nothing is better than somebody fixing you a meal.....

What do you add to a can of baked beans to make them taste better?

you can add brown sugar and or hot dogs sliced up...yummy