Why do saltwater fish die in freshwater?

Answer Though some species of fish can survive in either fresh or salt water, most saltwater fish will die if placed in freshwater (and most freshwater species will go belly-up if transplanted into the se... Read More »

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Why do saltwater fish die when put in freshwater?

Saltwater fish die in fresh water because their body cells are calibrated to keep a balance between the level of chemicals (salts) in their cells and in their environment. In fresh water, the high ... Read More »

Is the oscar fish a saltwater or freshwater fish?

Oscars, which originate in the waters of the Amazon, are freshwater fish. They are also known as peacock, walnut or velvet cichlids. Oscars come in a variety of colors, including olive green and al... Read More »

Is halibut a freshwater or a saltwater fish?

Halibut are saltwater fish. They live along the sandy bottom of the ocean floor. They are commonly called ocean game fish and can grow up to 400 pounds or more.References:Discover Salt... Read More »

Why Are Saltwater Fish More Colorful Than Freshwater?

Saltwater fish come in a dazzling array of colors, from the orange and black of a clownfish to the brilliant cobalt of a tang. Many marine species are more colorful than their freshwater counterpar... Read More »