Why do roots grow down?

Answer to get soil

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Do roots from plants always grow down?

In most cases yes.Although a few species of Orchids grow roots any which way and don't grow in soil.roots can sense gravity, take them into space and they grow every which way

Why do roots grow downward?

They are seeking water and vitamins which they require. These are found in the soil, so the roots of a plant grow down. If you look at the roots of a large tree in a wet area like Seattle, they are... Read More »

Do plant roots ever grow in the same direction?

Although a root system's downward growth is largely controlled by gravity, the direction of individual roots is dictated by water, air and mineral availability and soil quality. Roots will grow in ... Read More »

Why do potatoes grow roots in the dark?

the potatoes think they are underground and start growing to reach the light.