Why do refrigerators keep food from spoiling?

Answer Storing food at lower temperatures has been a method of food preservation for hundreds of years. There have been forms of the refrigerator for many years, and it has allowed people to keep food for... Read More »

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How to Keep Potatoes From Spoiling?

Fluffy, soft and full of vitamin C, B6 and potassium, a cooked potato is a delicious treat. However when a potato goes bad, they turn punky and shriveled or sprout into an unwanted mess. Left for t... Read More »

How to Keep White Turnips for Spoiling on Animal Crossing Wild World?

This is an easy guide to save your white turnips from rotting. I it is NOT a cheat, just a tip.

How do I Keep Refrigerators in Home Garages?

Operating a second refrigerator in a garage consumes more energy than if you operate a single, larger refrigerator inside your home, according to the California Energy Commission. Yet, many people ... Read More »

How do refrigerators keep things cold?

According to the State of California's Energy Quest website, refrigerators use a gas to remove warm air from the compartments of a refrigerator and freezer to keep the areas cooled to a desired tem... Read More »