Why do random people show up on my Voxer as a friend?

Answer Hey!Delete them from your friend list. It might be a glitch which is causing them to show up on your list. If it keeps on doing that, contact the support team and report it as a bug.Good luck!â‚® á... Read More »

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Why do people have such a problem with random people adding them?

I understand where you're coming from, but I myself don't like to add someone randomly over the internet. It feels like a complete stranger came up to me and asked for my personal info. I mean I kn... Read More »

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What is Voxer and how do you use it?

Voxer is an instant messaging app that allows you to talk to your friends for free. You can use Voxer if you have an iOS (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad) or an Android device. You can download the app ... Read More »