Why do raccoons wash their food?

Answer Even the raccoon's scientific name, procyon lotor, which means "before dog washer," refers to this animal's habit of washing. But scientists are at a loss to describe why raccoons perform this habi... Read More »

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How long does it take for food colouring to wash off skin?

My inner science nerd is coming out, but food coloring doesn't wash off. So, washing your hands won't do anything. You have to wait until the dyed skin cells die and flake off. This usually takes a... Read More »

Why is it that no matter how thoroughly you wash a pot in the sink, you always miss one bit of food?

Because its fun to be the one drying who gets to splash it back in the water shouting "reject!"

I have a fig tree and every year the raccoons eat ALL the figs. How can I keep the raccoons off my figs?

I had the same problem with animals eating my figs. My dad built a cage around it(wood frame, plastic netting). It helped to some extent. But birds would manage to get in there and then are too ... Read More »

Am I supposed to wash the food coloring out of my hair after half an hour ?

Why the **** do you have food coloring in your hair ?