Why do puppies bite so much?

Answer All puppies bite, and many owners must teach their furry friends not to bite through training. Knowing the reasons for biting can make training a dog more successful.Communication With Their 'Pack'... Read More »

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How to Teach Puppies Not to Bite?

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Do dust mites bite I sometimes feel like tiny bugs bite me, but I can't see anything What are they?

Usually mites that bite birds usually bite people, chiggers also do. Scabie mites are also notorious for infesting humans. The difficulty in determining what is biting is that all of these are so... Read More »

Wots bigger a mega bite or a giga bite?

Gigabyte is bigger...…this will explain all the different bytes and how many bits they have in them....

Uhh... I got bite (spider bite) on my private spot and i would like to know if it's poisonis?

Probably not. Depends where you live. If you're in the UK, then there are no poisonous spiders that just roam around (except for some very few, rare times). It is much more likely that it is red ju... Read More »