Why do printer manufacturers expect me to purchase a usb lead as an extra?

Answer Its the same with anything you buy m8. I bought a 32" wide screen telly with video and a DVD player. It was sold to me as a complete working set up. When i got home there was 2 scart leads missing.... Read More »

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What to do with printer end of lifedo printer manufacturers make printers last only a certain period of time?

Here is the fix for the problem...replace the waste ink pad. In the event you don't have one and want the reset only ;) follow the link below. It has step by step instructions for resetting the c... Read More »

Do Chinese manufacturers of plastic eyeglass frames use lead?

Chinese manufacturers of plastic eyeglasses must test their products for lead content before exporting them to ensure that they meet international safety standards, according to Smart China Sourcin... Read More »

Canon powershot A410 3.2mp camera and a Selphy Printer What other cameras could you purchase with your printer?

Where do you purchase extra health insurance if you are traveling overseas?

Answer Contact your carrier first, if they cannot help then contact an agent who sells private health insurance they will be able to assist you.