Why do pregnant women die of swine flu mostly in their third trimester?

Answer Likely because that is the time during gestation when their bodies are already under higher stress from the pregnancy demands. This makes any other "big projects", like fighting infections more str... Read More »

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Do pregnant women feel craps in the first trimester?

Some women have cramping throughout the entire first trimester, while other don't. The cramping is usually caused by the uterus stretching and their body getting used to being pregnant.

What is the best Advice to pregnant women who drinks wine during their first trimester?

Your child should see a doctor. Meanwhile, here is an article that may be of help:

Is it harder for obese pregnant women to feel fetal movement more so than pregnant women who are pregnant and are not overweight?

it is not harder to feel the movement it just is not as harsh on your ribs and back because there is more "wiggle room" for the baby. however, it will be harder to see the movement from the outside.

If a woman is pregnant and she has the swine flu will the baby inside of her catch the swine flu too?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US have released information for pregnant and breastfeeding women, a link is provided below in the related links section. It is as yet unknown... Read More »