Why do ppl think myspace is more unsafe than facebook.?

Answer MySpace is better. People only get killed because they made a bad choice. They can make bad choices on Facebook, too. And a lot of times people complain that if someone gets killed and they just ha... Read More »

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Facebook safe or unsafe?

Facebook is safe and unsafe. when you add a friend ands they comfirm they are aloud to look at your profile.So if you add friends you know it would be safe.Tell that to your dad.Please vote my answ... Read More »

Facebook / Myspace... which one is the best to use?

You can use both if you want to. Facebook is geared more towards college/high school students, and myspace is pretty much everyone.

Which one which one facebook or myspace?

MySpace because I like to fix up my profile with awesome backgrounds

Myspace or Facebook.?