Why don't train wheels spin when they begin to move?

Answer This is a good question.You ask "why". This should help you understand what is going on with the wheels and the rails.The same ideas perplexed the early railroads. The first rails were wood. When s... Read More »

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What rules do the USMC have when it comes to wives or girlfriends are they allowed straight out of bootcamp or when can they stay on base with you?

If a Dishonorable discharge (DD) was recieved, it is highly unlikely any change will be made. DD is the most punitive discharge characterization that can be awarded. The process is to apply for a c... Read More »

What do they mean when they say you can do more with the galaxy?

Alright so here are just some of the features that the samsung galaxy s4 can do.Eye scrolling - detects your eyes and where you are reading on a page and automatically scrolling up and down for you... Read More »

When did dancing with the stars begin?

The first episode premiered on June 1st, 2005.

Do males with dual nationality need to do obligatory military service on US if they are not living on US when they turn 18?

Only retired, reserve or national guard soldiers have ID cards.SSG C. HernandezUS Army If you are not in the reserves, active, national guard or retired, you can not obtain an ID card.